2018 saw a lot of change for our little now big Guide unit. We farewelled Roo and Kate as Roo moved to lead the Guides and Kate ventured into the world of Uni in Bathurst. We thank the both of them from the bottom of our hearts for all the effort Roo has put into leading, I know especially from my perspective as you had lead so many of the girl (particularly myself) for so long. And to Kate, to go though each year of guiding with you for so long – those memories I know I will cherish forever. This change saw Cassowary (Cassy Johnson) step up as a leader, which is super exciting Nemo (Hannah Rooney) always remains a diligent unit helper.

Term 1 saw the girls begin their Black Opal Badge and a continuous service as we began to knit squares to make a rug. Which definitely began a crowd favourite. We even spent 2 unplanned full nights of knitting. This term we also learnt the art of quilling, perfecting our artworks over a couple of unexpected weeks. We also practiced our guiding traditions with an outdoor campfire. Term 2 saw the re-implementation of unit in council, where the patrol system changes into a united group which each guide has a role to play in the running of the unit. Which is also super exciting for developing leadership skills! Quokka showed us how to use her Thermomix and improve our cooking skills. We continued our work on the black opal while Jess started her Queens Guide! We hiked up Barrenjoey Lighthouse, stargazed at the top and explored the mostly deserted headland. We spent a great night with the pre-Juniors helping them make ANZAC biscuits and put our growing leadership skills into practice. At the end of the term we collected Kayley, Natalya and Mackenzie!! Super exciting for our growing unit!!! And!! A highlight of our year; Gang Show! An event we can never miss and this year, it did not disappoint. A night full of laughter, singing, raspberry clouds, badges and road-trips.

Term 3 was jam packed with someone of our favourite memories. Cassowary, Kayley, Eva, Jess and Brooke braved the cold at Rejectamenta! We had our annual Bingo fundraiser where we dressed as something beginning with our first letter. And for the first time since Cassowary and I went, we went to the Taronga Zoo sleepout with Jess, Natalya and the Guides. A brilliant, cold night with tightly wound bedrolls, a couple of hours to kill waiting in a line accompanied by our own speaker, a solid dance party and a movie screening of Finding Dory.

Term 4 began with our crowd favourite murder mystery night, cooked over campfires, played minute to win it games, made Christmas craft and continued to work on our Black Opals, Queens Guides and BPs. Hannah also prepared an epic night of trivia for us, which definitely tested our guiding knowledge. A highlight of our term and our new annual tradition, formal Maccas. To explain, we got into fancy frocks, headed to Warriewood McDonalds and decorated the table with table cloths, crockery, candles and cutlery to then eat our ordered foods with knives and forks drinking out of wine glasses. Stay tuned for when this happens again.

To sum up our quirky unit, this is a conversation thread we would like to share:

Georgia: “What was your favourite memory from senior guides in 2018?” Kayley: “When Ava re-enacted Taylor Swift’s performance” Ava: “Don’t call me out like that” Brooke: “Formal Maccas” Kayley: “I was sick that day and so sad because I really wanted to go” Eva: “I can’t even remember what we did last week”

Georgia Llewellyn (Wattle)

Nat, Jess, Cassy & Georgia – Sleeping under the stars at the Zoo Sleepout

Frozen Yoghurt in Manly is one of our favourite things to do!

We just love to eat!

We learned to knit and are (slowly!) knitting a blanket for charity.