We have had another amazing year at the Elanora Junior Guides filled with fun activities, adventures, camps and lots of laughs.

This year we had two camps and had two region sleepovers. We started the year off with an Earthkeepers camp in April with eight girls attending. During this camp, the girls learnt about the specks which are the essential elements including air, water and earth. The girls explored Ems lab earning keys along the ways. The girls continued to learn and explore about their impact on the earth and how they can change their actions for a better world. This program continued back at the guide hall to collect the final keys and become official earthkeepers.

Later in the year we had a unit camp with the exciting theme of Fantasy at the John Dyer Hut at Ingleside Scout Camp. We arrived on Friday night with lots of excitement. We started with making Tie Dye Shirt learning a great new skill in the process. Throughout the camp we had a range of activities from making fantasy jelly and cupcakes to learning about the abundance of flora and fauna from the wonderful Scout leader Rick through the environmental program. In addition, the girls created new fantasy pillow cases with potato stamps. The girls enjoyed learning new knowledge and skills through playing compass games on the parade with Cassowary and learning how to make and wrap their very own sushi. We finished Saturday night with cooking on open fire, a Campfire lead by Georgie and Keira and a Onesie Disco dance party with cupcakes and jelly from Friday night. In total, we had 12 girls attend. Thank you to Possum for organizing. Thank you to the amazing helpers Jingle (Juliette), Cassowary (Cassie), Lisa.

Throughout the year we had a small group of girls attending two region events where the girls meet hundreds of girls from around the area. The first was the Region sleepover in February at the Pennant Hills Scout Camp with a World Thinking Day theme. There were nine girls attending. The girls created swaps and spent the afternoon meeting new guides and exchanging swaps. They enjoyed an indoor campfire and sleepover like sardines in the scout hall. Later in the year the girls had the opportunity to attend the Region Movie Night in December at the Glengarry. Although the rain poured in it couldn’t stop the girls having a blast. The outdoor movie night turned into an indoor movie, campfire and sleepover.

This year we had lots of exciting activities both in & out of the Guide hall. Throughout the year we had various focuses on Service, Outdoors and Environmental. We started the year by facing some fear at the Northern Beaches Rock house with a night of rock climbing. The girls had a great night climbing to new heights and in tight spaces. Thank you to all of the parents who came to help belay the girls. This was followed by our annual Bingo afternoon dressed up as something starting with the first letter of your name. We saw great costumes even the Queen made an appearance. We raised a great amount for the District, thank you for your ongoing support. Finishing the year out we had an environmental focus visiting the Permanora House in Elanora seeing how to grow full flora, vegetables and fruit. The girls made their own seedling trays and took them home to start there our gardens. Finally, the District enjoyed an end ofthe year party at the Manly Waterworks with Mosman Junior Guides. The girls slipped and slide down the water slides with lots of yummy food to go around at the end. Thank you to all that attended.

During out Unit Meeting, we had various focuses including the regular Patrol Leaders nights, Junior BP activities, Promise and Law Nights. This year saw a focus on the Embracing badge based around the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast. The girls started with the opening ceremony creating mascots and team flags followed by multiple events. The girls competed through a decathlon including mini javelin, rock climbing and long jump. The badge finished with a campfire and closing ceremony. We created Mother Day gifts of succulent’s potting and for Father Day we hand designed coffee cups!

We attended all the regular service activities throughout the community including Australia Day, ANZAC Day March, Putt Putt Challenge for Father’s Day, Carols at the Nursing Home. We had a lot of Promise ceremonies, Going up ceremonies and Badge Presentation too.

The beginning of the year saw us say goodbye Brooke, Kayla, Ella, Rosie and Sophie to explore and join guide unit. Followed by in Term 4 when Hayley, Elizabeth & Phoebe went up to Guides. Also, we said goodbye to Julia who transferred to Beacon Hill. Sadly, during the year, we said goodbye to Lola, Olivia, Leila, Ava and Evie to explore new adventures.

We gained some bright new faces throughout the year from PJS including Zali, Torah and Sadie.

This year had a great growth for the unit with May, Jemma, Giselle, Charlotte S, Charlotte W, Georgia, Sybilla and Joey joining us.

A big thank you for all the Leaders that have helped the Junior Guides throughout the year including a massive thankyou to Cassowary stepping in my absence throughout this year.

Thanks to all the Mums and Dads who came along to events, guide meeting, working bees. Without the parents and the other leaders, we wouldn’t be able to run so smoothly, your help is much appreciated.

Chloe Goddard (Koala)