The Audit of the 2018 Elanora Ingleside District Support Group Account was completed on 15 May 2019 by Adrian Langford CPA.

Summary for the year ended 2018

Item Income Expenditure +/-
Fundraising $450.00 $178.40 $271.60
Support Group $850.00 $885.40 -$35.40
Biscuits $2,496.00 $1,653.30 $843.20
Joining Fees $585.00 $0.00 $585.00
Uniform & Badges $406.00 $950.09 -$544.09
Reimbursement $360.00 $335.00 $25.00
Hall & Maintenance $0.00 $766.65 -$766.65
Donations $1,372.07 $625.00 $747.07
Leader Membership & Training $0.00 $735.00 $-735.00
Bank Fees $0.00 $0.00 $0.00


Descriptions of what is included in above:

  • Fundraising
    Income and costs relating to the bingo afternoon held in Term 3 2018. Attendance was only 45 people @$10 each. Expenses included some extra prizes and supper.
  • Support Group
    Includes Guide House operating fees, contents insurance, gifts for Elanora Girl Guide supporters when necessary, engraving of District Awards, special Unit Support (such as the cost of the Senior Guide initiation socks) and support of District Events (such as Father’s Day Putt Putt, Xmas Party etc).
  • Biscuits
    As there is a lot of accounting for our biscuit fundraiser, it gets it’s own column. In 2018 this was our main source of income raising over $800. It should be noted that two boxes of biscuits are still not paid for and will be collected in 2019 (2 x $66).
  • Joining Fees
    Covers the costs of initial requirements for girls – Covers the cost of the Girl Guide Handbook (age appropriate), Aim High (badge book) & badges for the promise.
  • Uniform & Badges
    We reduced our stock of uniforms this year as we were losing money on non-payment of items. We only keep sashes for purchase now. This figure also includes handbooks, badges and certificates.
  • Reimbursement
    This is where we allocate payments that have been made to the wrong account, waiting to be transferred out (eg camps & unit fees). This column should be even, but there is a $25 payment that was made in Feb 2019.
  • Hall & Maintenance
    This includes rent to Elanora PS, supplies (toilet paper, cleaning products etc) and any other maintenance issues that are not covered by Elanora PS. In 2018, we also purchased an all-weather noticeboard for the outside of the hall.
  • Donations
    We received payments for our participation in Australia Day and Anzac Day. We were also successful in receiving a grant of $500 from Cr Rory Amon. These extra payments allowed us to subsidise Leaders Helen Rooney and Felina French to attend the Sydney World Jamboree. We also were able to encourage our older girls to continue their guiding journey by subsidising the Zoo Sleepout after they assisted running the Bingo Fundraiser.
  • Leader Membership & Training
    In 2018 we had 7 leaders. Membership to Guide House was $105 each. There was no First Aid Training cost this year. There were also no leader uniform costs.

Full audited financial records and supporting documentation are available for inspection at the Elanora Girl Guide Hall. Please call the District Manager to make an appointment.